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Auto Electric Guns arrow G&G Rifles arrow G&G RK47 Blowback (AK47) - Combo

G&G RK47 Blowback (AK47) - Combo

Price: €249.99

  • This has to be amongst the best value AK47 kits on the market! The RK47 from G&G is essentially an AK47, with G&G's patented blowback mechanism.
  • This latest version of the RK47 has a has a full metal upper receiver, barrel and gas tube, front and rear sights, selector, trigger & trigger guard and magazine and comes in at a hefty 2.91kg.
  • Previous generations of this AEG shipped with a plastic lower frame, however it now comes complete with a full metal frame making this a very realistic AEG for the money.
  • The blowback mechanism on the RK47 cycles the bolt forwards and backwards as the AEG is shooting, giving a realistic shooting experience. The bolt is quite heavy and metal construction so it looks and feels fantastic during shooting.
  • Features genuine laser engraved Russian markings around the selector.
  • The battery pack is housed inside the solid stock and is accessible by removing the metal buttplate on the end of the stock.
  • Includes a 600rd high capacity, full metal magazine.
  • Front and rear metal sling attachments.
  • High quality G&G motor offers a very respectable rate of fire.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit is located behind the bolt.
  • Wood effect stock, pistol grip and foregrip looks convincingly real.
  • Working metal charging handle with a great metallic "clank" sound.
  • Very high rate of fire, coupled with excellent range.
  • This Combo version includes a 800mA G&G smart charger and a 9.6V cranestock battery!
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 2.91kg
  • Length: 890mm
  • Battery: 9.6V 1600mA cranestock (included)
  • Charger: 800mAh smart charger (included)


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Customer Reviews:

ANDRZEJ WROBEL  (Thursday, 06 November 2014)
Rating: 4
At first when you i picked this gun from the box the first thing i noticed was that the actual bolt wobbles a lot.The rifle itself is pretty well made and heavier than it says (it says it wieghts 2.9 kg but it actually weights 3.3 kg ).This is my first aeg but the bolt doesnt't go fully back ( i know its supposed to only go half way) have way. and when there are no bbs it just moves a tiny bit. second thing is that the winding on the mag is pretty fiddly. you have to wind it up a long time and dont know when to stop (i recommend stopping when the winding wheel gets harder to turn ). the mag itself has a nice colour to it and is good to the touch. another thing is when you put the mag in there is no 'click' as there would be on other aks. and if you put downwards pressure on the mag you could break off the top and pop it out .the mag has no feeding problems at all.the ROF is really good when the battery is fully charges but there is no recoil when the bolt goes back.the hop up is accurate and doesnt move when you set it. the range is pretty good aswell. The gun is pretty wobbly itself. the thing that wobble are : front sights (tiny bit) handguard (tiniest bit) and the actual top of the handguard actually moves where it meets the front of the gas tube which is pretty bad,the bolt (quite severly) the top cover (little bit) pistol grip (tiny bit) and the battery inside the stock when you shake the gun.The top of the handguard is actually lighter coloured wood than the rest of the gun which doesnt't look the best. The power pf it isn't really that big compared to a gbb pistol but a spring modification should make this gun more powerful. 4 stars because its not what i expected and the recoil ...well there is no recoil ! overall pretty good gun get it if you play airsoft and like ak's .

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