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Sale & Clearance Section arrow Airsoft Gun Sale & Clearance arrow Airsoft Systems ASCU Gen. 4+ for V2 Gearbox - 20% OFF

Airsoft Systems ASCU Gen. 4+ for V2 Gearbox - 20% OFF

Price: €79.99

  • 20% OFF, now 79.99!
  • New MosFet transistors with 16 times less resistance, resulting in faster cycling, better active braking, more shots per battery charge and less heat output.
  • New very strong trigger switch.
  • New reinforced design with full polymer encasing.
  • Better short-circuit protection.
  • Easier installation.
  • Updated software with easier programming (accidental hop-up program activation is impossible).
  • Improved cut-off lever.
  • Improved selector plate.
  • Fits all standard and reinforced version 2 gearboxes.
  • 3 year world wide warranty (via manufacturer).
  • The ASCU is a two piece electronic computer control unit for airsoft rifles that brings a new level of performance to standard AEGs, with features previously only seen on expensive training weapons.
  • The new 3+ generation unit is smaller and has more features. It has four selectable fire modes including three-round burst (selectable if the trigger is released before the third shoot in full-auto mode).
  • The ASCU Gen.4 system monitors the operation of the AEG at all times, so no matter how fast you tap the trigger, the AEG will always complete the full cycle, no matter if you shoot in Semi or Full Auto mode.
  • After each shot or burst the piston will stop in its forward-most position.
  • The trigger pull is crisp and much more realistic.
  • The control unit is very compact and can be placed in the stock tube, buttstock or handguard of any M4/M16 variant.
    This kit is only suited to version 2 gearboxes.
  • The sensor unit completely replaces the existing switch assembly and wiring in the gearbox.
  • The ASCU monitors the actual position of the sector gear and stops the motor electronically once the sector gear has completed a full cycle. This eliminates the need for an anti-reversal latch. (This is very much dependant on your motor, some weaker motors will require the latch to remain in place).
  • It also reduces wear on virtually all internal components as the gearbox is never stopped mid-cycle.
  • The ASCU also massively increases trigger response and the rifles rate of fire, as well as the amount of shots per charge of the battery.
  • This kit is not battery sensitive, so you can use NICD, NIMH, LIPOs etc, from 7.2v to 12v.
  • It features an integrated Low Drain Protection system, specially designed to keep LiPo batteries from damaging themselves.
  • When using the ASCU (ASG ref. 17535) it will detect when the magazine is empty and stop the AEG from shooting, preventing dry firing.
  • The ASCU Gen.4 will also stop the AEG firing if any mechanical problem occurs in the AEG, which protects the internals of the gearbox from further damage.
  • The unit is easy to install in all AEGs with a version 2 gearbox, but should be installed by a skilled technician. 


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Customer Reviews:

Lee Brennan  (Thursday, 28 April 2016)
Rating: 4
I built 3 of these into 2 G&G MP5s and a firehawk. If you have any experience inside a V2 gearbox, this will be easy enough. The improvement in trigger response and RoF with a higher voltage battery is the immediate advantage, plus you get variable burst functions depending on what you program. Not cheap though, nearly a third of the price of a reasonable gun and still not as good as a Spectre. My advice would be to hold out for a spectre which is rare, but has some great functions and is essentially the same price. I did run into the sensitivity with the lower torque motors, but leaving the ARL in place solved it. I love the trigger response compared to a standard V2 but I also run a Spectre and that is a world ahead of this.

alan elmes  (Friday, 31 July 2015)
Rating: 4
Does require some skills to install correctly. A high torque motor is a must. Have in 2 of my AEG's and love them. Great trigger response and a nice compact unit to fit into the gearbox.

Danny Mulders  (Tuesday, 29 April 2014)
Rating: 4
Built this into a ASG LMT Defender RIS. It's not a drop-in fit, it requires some modification to the gearbox, so make absolutely sure you want this unit because the original internals won't fit back in. Also took some slight modification to the selector plate and a bit of trial and error with the alignment. I recommend installing a motor with strong magnets, this prevents double feeding. I opted for a systema magnum motor. Lastly, I had to fit the included trigger extension. After all this the unit now works perfectly and has extremely crisp trigger response and a very high rate of fire even on 7.4V lipo's. I've had it for over a year and it hasn't failed on me yet.

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