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Some frequently asked questions:

Are airsoft guns legal in Ireland?

Airsoft guns are legal in Ireland since the 2006 Criminal Justice Act altered the Firearms Acts.

A firearm is defined as: "an air gun (including an air rifle and air pistol) with a muzzle energy greater than one joule or any other weapon incorporating a barrel from which any projectile can be discharged with such a muzzle energy".

Criminal Justice Act 06:

As such, any airsoft gun thats muzzle energy is one joule or less is no longer classified as a firearm. No license is required for an airsoft gun.

HOWEVER. Airsoft guns are now classed as Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs) and cannot be carried in public at ANY TIME. Even if you are carrying your RIF to the boot of your car, you MUST have it in a suitable carry case. If you are playing on private land with the permission of the owner, you must still ensure you are out of sight of the general public. If any member of the public feels threatened by what they see, they may well contact the authorities and you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Penalities for carrying a RIF in a public place include up to a €5000 fine or imprisonment up to 5 years, or both. 

More information is available here in the Criminal Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Bill, from page 28 onwards:

How powerful are your airsoft guns?

All of our airsoft guns comply with Irish law and do not exceed the 1 joule muzzle energy limit. This equates to roughly 328 feet per second with a 0.2g BB. Most of our airsoft guns are between 270 and 320 feet per second, with a few exceptions. We do not downgrade airsoft rifles with shoddy methods like drilling holes in air nozzles;  all downgrades are peformed with high quality spring replacements.

Do airsoft hits hurt?

Airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic BBs and are no-where near as painful as a paintball hit. If you're hit on exposed skin, you will experience a strong sting which wears away after a few seconds and may leave a temporary mark that dissappears after a few hours/few days, depending on how close the shooter was to you. Remember to always wear eye protection when using your airsoft gun, as an eye injury could occur.

What do I need to get started?

None of our auto electric rifles include a battery or charger, so you will need to purchase them seperately. For gas pistols, you will need a canister of blowback gas to fire BBs. You may also want to consider extra magazines for both your pistol and rifle. BBs are also required and we sell all of the above in our store.


We accept all major credit cards through Paypal's secure payment method, as well as payment from customers with their own Paypal accounts. Paypal is 100% secure, we do not see your payment details at any stage as you submit them, it is all done by 128bit encryption through Paypal. We also accept bank drafts or postal orders. However if your order includes an airsoft gun, a copy of photographic ID needs to be posted along with the payment for age verification of the purchaser.

We also accept credit/debit cards over the phone and we can arrange full orders this way no problem. Please call 042 9351155.


How do I see the shipping price?

Shipping price for the island of Ireland is a flat fee of €4.95 for up to 30kg and €9.95 for the UK for up to 30kg.

Shipping prices for other destinations varies and can be seen by signing up to our site, adding items to your cart and proceeding to the next step where the shipping price is displayed.

How long does it take before my order is shipped?

We have the quickest turn-around time for orders of any airsoft store in the whole of Ireland and quite possibly, the whole of Europe. Over 80% of our orders are shipped out the same day, and all others get next-day shipping. To be sure of same-day shipping, please make your order before 3.00pm.

How long does shipping take?

We use the fastest shipping method that DPD offers, Next Working Day. If you order is made before 3.30pm, it should arrive with you the next day. You will be emailed full tracking details so you can track your parcel online.

We are closed on bank holidays and other public holidays, please take this into account when ordering.

International Shipping:

UK: We ship to the UK for a flat fee of €9.95 with DPD Couriers, delivery takes 2 working days

Europe: We ship with DPD Couriers to the following European countries ONLY: Portugal, Norway, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. 

Flat fees apply for all these destinations, ranging from €23.50 to €35.50 depending on the country. Important Note: We will ship to any of the above countries, HOWEVER, it is YOUR responsibility to comply with your countries laws regarding airsoft guns. If your order is seized by customs, we will only refund your order, minus shipping, IF the order is returned to us. We will NOT refund any order that is kept or destroyed by your countries customs.

How will you pack my order?

All of our orders are packed discreetly in sturdy cardboard boxes. These boxes are filled with polystyrene pellets or bubble wrap and then wrapped with heavy duty brown paper. The only indication that there are airsoft products inside the packages is our logo on the delivery label.

Larger items like AEGs have their boxes sealed closed and are then wrapped with heavy duty brown paper.

What do the various order stages mean?

When you make an order with us, you will get several emails detailing the status of your order. The different stages you will see are:

Payment Successfully Received: This means that you have successfully made payment for your order, and your payment has been successfully received by us.

Awaiting payment: The stage means that you have made an order with us, but you have not yet made payment. If you have tried to make payment but are having trouble with Paypal, please email us and we will help you resolve the issue.

Picking In Progress: This stage means that your order is now being picked from our inventory and is being made ready for shipping.

Shipped: Your order status will change to Shipped as soon as it has been accepted by An Post. At this stage, please check your email, as a tracking number will be included to allow you to trace your order online. To track your order, please visit

Warranty & Returns:

Due to the nature of use of airsoft guns and equipment, we only accept returns on faulty products for a period of 28 days after purchase. In the unlikely event that you have to return a faulty item, will either repair or replace it at our own discretion. Items must be returned in original packaging with all accessories. Return postage is non-refundable. will only accept returns on items that have not been modified in any way. You automatically void your warranty by dismantling your product for any reason other than basic maintenance. If you have a problem with your airsoft product, do not attempt to disassemble it, return it to us and we will determine the action to be taken. We have means of testing if a product has been dismantled by the customer and these returned items will not be honored under our warranty.  For returns, please fill out the form under out Technical Support section in Contact Us.



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