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We offer you a wide range of BBs and gas for use with our AEGs, sniper rifles and GBB pistols.

Gas: Currently we offer two types of gas, 134a gas (Marui) and green gas (Ultrair and Abbey).

134a gas is a low pressure gas and is suitable for use in ALL GBB pistols and gas rifles. We import it straight from Japan where 134a is the only gas available to buy, so you can rest assured it will work with every single airsoft pistol or rifle with no problems. However, for 134a to be effective, it is best used in high temperatures (20C+).

Green gas is a high pressure gas that is recommended for use in GBB pistols that are constructed primarily from metal. This allows the pistol to withstand the higher pressure that green gas produces. Generally, green gas is not recommended for use in Marui or Western Arms pistols. However, because the ambient temperature in Ireland is quite low, green gas never truely reaches its full pressure in this country. As a result, it is quite safe to use green gas in virtually all pistols and rifles, including the aforementioned pistols.

BBs: We offer a wide variety of BBs, all of which are 6mm in size. They are suitable for use in all airsoft guns, however the weight of the BB should be the deciding factor of whether is is suitable for your airsoft gun.

0.12g BBs are typically low quality BBs sold with cheap springers and clone AEGs and are not recommended for use in any of our AEGs, sniper rifles or GBB pistols. They are not very accurate due to their light weight and are manufactured to a poor standard, resulting in poor finishes.

0.2g BBs are the most popular BBs used in airsoft today, they offer a good balance of weight and accuracy and offer good range and value for money. We recommend these BBs for all types of AEGs and GBB pistols.

0.25g BBs offer that extra bit of weight for the more powerful AEG and pistol. They have a slightly lower velocity, yet offer great accuracy over distance as they can counter the effects of gravity more effectively. Most AEGs and GBB pistols can accept 0.25g BBs, however readjustment of the guns hop-up is recommended.

0.28g BBs are essentially the same as 0.3g BBs, yet can still be used in most AEGs and pistols. These BBs can also be used in sniper rifles.

0.3g+ BBs are almost exclusively used for sniper rifles only. They offer great accuracy over distance, countering the effects of gravity as they spin. Use of these BBs in AEGs or GBB pistols may result in disappointing results. Recommended for use in sniper rifles over 300fps.

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