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Airsoft Gun troubleshooting.

GBB Pistol Useage

-To properly charge gas into a GBB pistol magazine, invert both the gas canister and the magazine and charge the gas straight into the filling valve. Fill time depends on the magazine size. For 1911-sized magazine, approximately 5-6 seconds fills the magazine. For larger Beretta/Glock/Sig magazines, 6-10 seconds fills the magazine fully. The magazine is full of gas when either gas starts spilling out of the filling valve during filling, or when hissing noises are no longer being produced from inside the gas canister or the filling valve itself. Different filling valves have different filling characteristics, so filling times are dependent on your particular magazine/GBB pistol.

-Do not leave magazines full of gas for more than 12 hours as this puts pressure on the seals in the magazine. Either shoot the pistol until all gas is used, or press the knocker valve on the back of the magazine to expel gas from the top of the magazine (point in a safe direction first).

-It is important to keep your pistol lubricated to ensure reliable operation. Any moving part should be periodically sprayed with silicon-based oil, approximately every 500-750 shots.

-Do not use any petroleum based lubricant like WD-40 as this corrodes any plastic or rubber inside the pistol. It is important to remove the slide and spray the rubber piston head, located under loading nozzle in the rear of the slide with silicon-based oil. The loading nozzle should be able to spring forwards and backwards with ease.

-GBB pistols do not perform well under 10C. You will experience gas rushing out of the barrel, reduced power and cycling problems. Optimum performance is achieved in temperatures of 18

C+. To keep the gas as warm as possible in cold weather, fill the magazine with gas and allow a minute or two for it to recover from the cool-down effect of moving the gas from one place to another. Also you can clasp the magazine between your hands for 60 seconds, or keep filled magazines in a pocket close to your body whilst not in use. Rapidly firing the pistol will also induce this cool-down effect, resulting in reduced performance.


Electric Rifles

My rifle will not fire when the battery is connected.

If you connect your battery to your AEG Rifle (Auto Electric Gun) and the gearbox does not turn over, please try the following:

Checking the fuse is the first thing that should be done. Even with brand new guns, fuses can be low quality/brittle and sometimes break with little effort. All AEGs take 20A fuses and are available either through our store or in shops like Halfords/Motor factors. Note even if the fuse LOOKS intact, it may not be, fully test the fuse with a multimeter if possible to confirm this.

Fuses can also blow if a battery is plugged into the gun straight off a charge, please allow 30 minutes after charging before connecting the battery.

My fuse is not blown

If you have confirmed that the fuse is not blown, are you certain the battery is properly charged? If possible, test the rifle with another battery to ensure that it is in fact the rifle that is giving trouble. Are you certain a proper connection was made when the battery was charged? Often the metal contacts inside the white battery/charger connectors can fall out of place, not making proper contact.

In reference to chargers that have adjustable settings, ensure you have the correct output (ie, number of cells, amperage) to match the battery. The number of cells is the physical number of small battery cells that makes up the battery pack, this is the number of cells that should be selected on the charger. You should not set the amperage setting to more than 50% of the amperage of the battery as a general rule.

In reference to batteries and chargers that come bundled with AEGs, how long have you had the battery on a charge for? With 250mA chargers and 1600mAh batteries, charge time is 6.5 hours. With a 500mAh charger and 1100mAh battery, charge time is 2.5 hours max. Note these are charge times from EMPTY. Adjust  the time accordingly as these chargers DO NOT turn off by themselves and battery damage results from over charging. If you have left your included charger plugged in overnight, chances are you have fried the battery.

My fuse is fine and my battery and charger are definitely charged

Check all the connections along the length of the guns power cable that leads into the battery, make sure these are solid connections. If these are fine, check the connectors on the battery and the guns power cable and make sure they are properly intact.

Make sure the power cables going to the motor are intact. For all M4 variants (LWRCs, M15s, GR15s etc), remove the two screws (NOT THE LARGE CENTRE ONE) from the baseplate on the base of the pistol grip and make sure both power cables are properly connected to the motor. When reinstalling these screws, do not overtighten them.

The centre screw dictates the height of the motor and how much is pushes into the gearbox. If this screw is too high or too low, the gearbox will not turn over. Adjust this with 90 degree turns at a time ONLY and pull the trigger each time to see if the gun then fires. Remember the original position of the screw for reference. You should not have to turn the screw more than 360 degrees to get a response from the gun so do not loosen/overtighten it.

BB feeding/distance problems

High capacity magazines need to be wound for them to function properly, use the wheel at the base of the magazine.

If your BBs are dropping off after a certain short distance, adjust the hop-up if the gun has this function as detailed in the manual. This puts backspin on the BB and makes it travel further.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use high quality BBs in all of our guns. Do not use poor quality BBs or market-place style BBs. BIO BBs cause lots of trouble with feeding, do not use these unless you absolutely have to. Nearly all feeding problems are caused by either poor BBs or dirty magazines.NEVER reuse BBs as these will cause jams and/or damage your gun.




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